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CF Medical Management is in the business of “Helping Doctors Be Doctors”.  We are a third party medical management, billing, and consulting firm working with providers and practices of all specialties and sizes.  Our job is to relieve our clients of the stress involved in dealing with insurance companies and patients in regards to their claims and money.  We want the medical professionals we work for the be just that, Medical professionals.  Provide the best care for your patients and let us handle the headaches of ensuring your office gets paid to the utmost for your services.

What sets CF Medical Management apart is that our clients are not just another number.  We become partners in success with our clients.  We work closely with our clients and their practices to ensure all of the administrative systems in their office are running at peak performance.  We cannot work on collecting your money effectively unless we have a seamless relationship between our offices.  Many office managers feel threatened by companies like ours, but they should not.  We need that point of contact at our clients’ offices to ensure everything is running smoothly.

Our fees are based off of what we collect and put into your bank account.  With our full revenue cycle management services and aggressive follow up techniques for outstanding accounts receivable, your stress level can go down while your bottom line expands.  We are happy to customize our services and scale our prices to what you and your practice needs.

Let our office help your practice thrive and grow!

Client Testimonials

The most important aspects of a successful business includes the ability to run a smooth operation and streamline billing. Having Andy and CF Medical Management LLC on our team has significantly strengthened our ability to optimize our workflow and be more profitable. In addition, it has been a pleasure working with Andy. His ability to explain the billing and office workflow process is extremely helpful to my staff and myself. I am glad I found CF Medical Management LLC to help manage our clinic operations! – Dr. Trinh


Andy Fitzgerald understands behavioral health billing! He not only provides quality billing services, he connects providers and programs to enhance service collaboration. I am relieved to have a biller that understands my patient’s needs and works to ensure their services are covered. He allows our providers to do what they are good at, while he takes care of what he is good at. It is so refreshing to know someone is out there to support our patients and providers in behavioral health.

Thank You Andy!

Jillian Vanselow -

Seeking, finding and trusting someone to come into the inner walls of a small solo practice was no easy decision. After speaking to Andy Fitzgerald at CF Medical Management, I instantly knew I was talking to the right person. He reviewed our entire workflow (from patient intake, billing and account processes to job descriptions) and we were able to effectively reorganize. We eliminated redundant tasks, cut our work loads and became an efficient team again. Most importantly, the efforts restored a peaceful work environment for all of us, helped meet profit targets and returned focus on providing high quality patient care.  – Richard A. Hacker, DPM

Richard A. Hacker, DPM -
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